A reflector is a life insurance

Why should I use a reflector?

The role of reflectors in accident prevention is undeniable. A reflector rescues in traffic in built-up areas as well as sparsely populated areas. In the dark a driver using high beams can see a person with a reflector from a distance of up to 300 metres. (330 yards)

A person without a reflector can only be seen from a distance of approximately 100 metres (110 yards). When using low beams, a driver can spot a pedestrian with a reflector up to three times further away than a pedestrian not wearing a reflector.

The world's first

The Coreflect reflector is the world’s first pedestrian reflector. The reflector is a Finnish invention and we continue to manufacture the reflectors in Finland ever since the 1960’s. We are on the fore-front of quality assurance in reflector manufacturing. Our reflectors are approximately twice as efficient as other reflectors on the market.

In accordance with the CE standard EN13356 the minimum reflective value of a reflector is 400 C.I.L. (coefficient of luminous intensity) which is exceeded by all Coreflect reflectors. The minimum requirement from our production is 800 C.I.L.