Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to order a custom shaped reflector?

The most cost-effective way to achieve a custom reflector is through quality printing. A custom shaped reflector is possible to produce, but the process of creating hard reflectors may be long and expensive compared to quality printing on one of our off-the-shelf reflector models.

Is it possible to select a ready print design from your range?
We have assembled a selection of ready print designs to make your choice easier. You can use our ready designs together with your own name or logo. You can also tell us what kind of finished product you would like (for example “I’d like a reflector with a dinosaur on it”).

What print colour options do you offer?
The printing does not have to be in black. Surprisingly striking reflectors can be produced by applying, for example, light green print on a violet reflector. White is also a beautiful print colour which looks very good on a clear reflector. Printing can be ordered in one or several colours. Printing with fewer colours makes promotional reflectors more economically priced; reflectors with a single colour logo print are therefore the most common promotional reflector. Printing in more than one colour is usually achieved using digital printing, which also allows the printing of photographs.

What is the print area?
Coreflect reflectors are so effective that they can be printed on without concern about compromising safety. However, our common practice and recommendation is that no more than 1/3 of the surface is printed. The amount of print does, of course, affect the reflective qualities of the reflector.

Does the colour of the reflector affect its reflective qualities?
Yes. Clear and yellow reflectors generally offer the best reflective qualities – even in excess of 3000 CIL (the minimum requirement is 400 CIL). The least reflective colour in our range is black. However, we never allow reflectors with reflective qualities below 800 CIL to leave our production lines; even our black reflectors reflect between 800 CIL and 1000 CIL. If you are offered a reflector in a very deep colour, it is likely that it does not offer sufficient reflective qualities.

What are the fastening options on your reflectors?
The most cost-effective solution of a safety pin and thread is used where cost is a key factor, such as in large scale campaigns. Otherwise a ball chain (available in 4 colours) is popular, either on its own or combined with a metal clip. All our attachment options are designed to allow the reflector to hang and move freely; as the reflector moves it appears to flash, making it most visible to traffic.