Print partners

Safety Reflector Finland Oy has local print partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the UK, Latvia and Russia.

Our local print partners store reflectors locally, print them and package them for distribution. The reflectors are sold through promotional gift suppliers to companies for promotional use. If there is no Coreflect Manufacturing Partner near you, Safety Reflector Finland Oy is happy to serve you as your promotional print provider.

Safety Reflector Finland Oy does not sell directly to consumers. We reserve the right to supply directly to the end customer only in cases where the safety of a particular group of road users is being promoted nationally – such as all first year school pupils across the country. Such campaigns must be on such a scale that they would not be carried out without Safety Reflector Finland Oy involvement. Safety Reflector Finland Oy also seeks to participate in realising the goals of the WHO’s Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 programme.