Promotional Gifts

The Coreflect reflector is a promotional gift that is sure to be appreciated – a product that is proven to improve road safety and save lives. The Coreflect reflector is useful and serves a purpose – unlike many other promotional gifts in the same price range, it is not a useless throwaway item.

With screen printing your reflectors can be personalised, for example with your logo, trademark or company name, in one or more colours. On prism reflectors printing is applied to the surface; on soft and flexible reflectors printing is applied under the reflective layer. Up to a third of the reflector’s surface can be printed whilst retaining good reflective qualities. A logo printed on the surface of the reflector is sharp, easy to read and colours retain their brightness.

Custom Reflector Models

In addition to a wide range of products available off the shelf, we also make custom reflector models for our customers. Our years of experience ensure that reflectors in custom shapes and prints always represent the highest quality and fulfil reflector safety requirements.