Reflectors in table top display boxes

Boxes are packed into delivery cartoons including 8 table top displays. The order volume should be dividable by 8.

CodeProductUnitGTIN13 to single productGTIN14 for displayPackage
171464NEW Muumibox of 35pcs6430032202372
171381Muumi familybox of 35pcs6430032202372
171452Muumins on Snowflakesbox of 35pcs6430032202372
171462NEW Princesbox of 35pcs6430032203027
171334I love my petbox of 35pcs6430032202785
171420Happy Animalsbox of 35pcs6430032202792
171404Dogs&Catbox of 35pcs6430032202891
171394Babybox of 35pcs6430032202426
171451Cars & Footballsbox of 35pcs6430032202969
171402Owlsbox of 35pcs6430032202679
171441Birdiesbox of 35pcs6430032202860
171447Bears & Costume partybox of 35pcs6430032202884
171265All clearbox of 35pcs6430032202730
171459NEW Retro (also only clear ones)box of 35pcs6430032203041
171397Snowflakes - clear, pink, purple, bluebox of 35pcs6430032202808
171458Clear Snowflakesbox of 35pcs6430032202952
171321SALE Christmasbox of 35pcs6430032202747
171461Rosebox of 35pcs6430032203034
171463NEW Ornamentbox of 35pcs6430032203058
171333SALE Hologramsbox of 35pcs6430032202013

Reflectors on clip strip

CodeProductUnitGTIN13 to single productGTIN14 for displayPackage
171450Bears & Costume party12 reflectors on a clip strip*6430032202884
171442Rose12 reflectors on a clip strip*6430032203034
171378Coreflect selection12 reflectors on a clip strip*643003220236566430032202367

Reflectors on floor stand

CodeProductUnitGTIN13 to single productGTIN14 for displayPackage
171380Moomin - size S180 pcs6430032202372
171249SALE: Clear and Yellow189 pcs + 36 slapwraps
Mix - let´s customize this!180 pcs